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Mad Racing Concepts provides high-quality racing parts and accessories for all types of autos for the racing enthusiast. we have been in business for 7 years and our team has more than 30 years of experience in the automotive field.
Dropzone and LoTek Sports Shocks

Are precision engineered to be the ultimate in suspension performance. Each purchase comes with a complete set of 4 shocks.

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DropZone Springs

Are true performance lowering springs, not just a shorter stock spring. They are designed the way performance springs should be, with the correct spring rate and ride height for each specific application. Lowering vehicles from 2.0" - 2.5", according to vehicle specifications, providing race car looks with handling to match. All our kits are made with the same quality material and design standards used with our lowering sport springs kits. Also designed to be used with Our sport shock absorbers. Minor modifications or camber kits may be required. All our springs carry an ISO 9001 standardization and are TUV approved.

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DropZone Coilovers

Are precision engineered to be the ultimate in suspension performance. Carefully matched springs rates and height adjustability provide exceptional handling, response, control and balance. Allow you to adjust the vehicle's lowering from 0" - 4". Each purchase comes with a complete set of 4 coilovers.

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DropZone Camber Kits

Are precision engineered to be the ultimate in suspension performance. Applications for most popular Import Sport Cars. Simple to Install& simple to adjust. Fully Adjustable camber and rear arms- Polyurethane Bushings. A must for lowered cars to prevent premature tire wear.

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MRC Racing Exhuast Headers

Are high-quality performance Headers that connect easily and directly to your exhaust and offer the single greatest power gain to any vehicle. increases both torque and horsepower in any vehicle.

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MRC Exhaust Mufflers

Are high-quality performance mufflers. MRC Mufflers provide a deep low-tone and an aggressive growl, 30-35% louder than a normal stock muffler. Straight-through perforated #304 stainless stell core, which elimiinates back pressure and flow restriction for maximum exhaust flow and horsepower, along with stainless steel body and end caps with a polished mirror finish.

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MRC Racing Seats

Top of the line racing seats. Give a sporty look to your ride! Backrest Quick Release lever for easy rear seat access with a separate tilt adjustment mechanism for optimum driving position.

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MRC Seat Belt 4-Point Harnesses

Are high-quality harness style shoulder and seat belts. These harnesses add a great custom look and consist of fully adjustable 2 inch nylon straps for best fit and comfort and quick release buckles for easy entry and exit. Install by simply bolting into the factory seat belt bolt points (free bolts included)..

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Mad Racing Concepts Wheels

Now offers CBWheels for just $699 and Inferno Wheels!!!


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"Save by purchasing a combo package!"

To fully maximize DropZone Racing products, combine your Sport Racing Shocks and Springs together for that full racing edge and quality. Ask about our availability if you don't see your car.

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